Program 2018

No 24 Clarisse Hahn

France (1973)

Invented Edens

The exhibition Invented Edens continues Clarisse Hahn’s research on the subject of “being together”. At the beginning of the 1970s, the publication of a photograph of the Tasadays Filipino tribe seemingly announced the discovery of a people cut off from modern civilisation. This anthropological miracle finally turned out to be a staged hoax. It is one of the archive images that Clarisse Hahn has reworked to illustrate how the body can be used for propaganda purposes. Taken out of their original context and projected by the artist into the Panamanian jungle, these invented Edens question our fantasised visions of returning to the wild.

Produced by Collectif RATS
Curated by Salomé Kiner
With the support of Images Vevey and the Direction de la Culture de la Ville de Vevey

Clarisse Hahn’s films are screened at RATS workshops in parallel with this exhibition, three times a week. Free admission. Full programme on

Venue: Indiana