Program 2018

No 21 Coco Fronsac

France (1962)

Chimères et Merveilles

For decades, Coco Fronsac has scoured flea markets in search of old photographs on which she has based her artistic approach. Thanks to her pictorial work on the images, the colourful and creative visual artist breathes new life into these anonymous portraits and family pictures. These forgotten faces wear gouache-painted masks from Africa, Oceania, Asia and America to create a gallery of extraordinary characters right out of a children’s storybook. These surrealist works appear in the shop windows of a former ironworks while tall photographic silhouettes enable visitors to interact with the French artist’s extravagant world.

Produced by Atelier 20 and Images Vevey
Curated by Nathalie Compondu, Tamara Jenny-Devrient, Stefano Stoll and Raphaël Biollay
With the support of Images Vevey and the Direction de la Culture de la Ville de Vevey


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