Program 2018

No 14 Cristina de Middel & Kalev Erickson

Spain & United Kingdom (1975 & 1982)

Jungle Check

Cristina de Middel and Kalev Erickson found a bundle of old Polaroid pictures at a flea market in Mexico City. They believed that the images had all been taken by the same person in the 1970s near the Maya ruins of Tulum and they decided to go in search of the memories that these pictures held. In the heart of the Mexican jungle, the duo revives this past dissolved in Polaroid emulsion, giving rise to a new story, somewhere between reality and fiction. Printed on giant lenticulars produced traditionally on a frame in the shape of an accordion, old combines with new to question the supposed reliability of photographic archives and historical images.

Exhibition produced by FOAM Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam
With the support of SNK Construction SA

In the context of this exhibition, RM Editorial and Images Vevey will jointly publish the book that is an integral part of this work.

Venue: La Droguerie