Program 2018

No 39 Daido Moriyama

Japan (1938)


Although he lives in Zushi, an hour away by train from Tokyo, Daido Moriyama commutes to the Japanese capital every day. From his train carriage, he observes the daily commuters gathering on the station platforms. Produced over one day along the Zushi-Yokohama-Tokyo train line, this series of images of travellers highlights an unusual aspect of daily life that often goes unnoticed by the commuters themselves. Displayed on a platform in Vevey’s train station, these photographs enable travellers to experience, from the train window, the position adopted by the Japanese photographer as he shoots his pictures, and maybe to invent another life for themselves on their daily commute.

Original scenography by Images Vevey in association with the artist
Curated by Simon Baker, Director of Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, and Stefano Stoll, Director of Images Vevey