Program 2016

Darren Roshier

Switzerland (1990)



Since 2011, Darren Roshier has been an elected official on the Vevey Town Council (legislative body). In 2016, he unsuccessfully ran for office at the Municipality (executive body). A proponent of autofiction, the artist draws inspiration from his recent political campaign to address the formal and conceptual connections that may be established between art and politics. With his team IMPOSE (International Movement for the Possibility of an Elaborate Symbolical Order), he appropriates the codes of election campaigns and questions the social role of art as the only place where everything can be questioned. This project is presented in the form of a series of posters on display panels, randomly distributed throughout the town of Vevey.

Original scenography by Festival Images Vevey
Photography: Julien Gremaud
Graphic Design: Julien Savioz
Darren Roshier presents another phase of this project at the Oriental-Vevey with the
Sollicitation à la rassemblée inhabituelle show, presented on 28, 29, 30 September and on 1st October.