Program 2018

No 34 Emeric Lhuisset

France (1983)

L'autre rive

Working at the heart of conflicts in the Middle East, Emeric Lhuisset became friends with people who, a few years later, would take to the road to Europe as refugees. While some managed to settle there, others never made it and tragically disappeared crossing the Mediterranean. Rewarded with the Leica Prize for Reportage, his project revisits the documentary genre, away from any sensationalism, by photographing his migrant friends in the privacy of their daily lives. Printed on cyanotype, these images will gradually disappear over the three weeks of the event, becoming deep-blue monochromes, reminiscent of the colour of the sea as well as of the European flag.

Produced by Images Vevey with the support of Leica Suisse
Original scenography by Images Vevey in association with the artist
The series “L’autre rive” has been published by the Editions André Frère in 2017