Program 2018

No 27 Fumiko Imano

Japan (1974)

We Oui !

After spending a large part of her life abroad, Fumiko Imano moved back to Japan, her native country, in 2002. The then 27-year-old woman went through a deep identity crisis, feeling extremely lonely. She invented a twin sister for herself as a remedy to her melancholy. Through cutting and pasting snapshots of herself juxtaposed with images of her imaginary double, the Japanese artist immortalises the scenes of a completely fabricated daily life. By deliberately showing the traces of this hand-crafted photomontage, she evokes childhood memories. These images are cut in two, sometimes exhibited slightly apart from each other, forcing the viewer to move in order to see the image in its entirety.

Original scenography by Images Vevey in association with the artist
The photographs in this series are drawn from the book We Oui!, published by Little Big Man Books in 2017.