Program 2016

Guido Mocafico

Italy (1962)



This series draws its name from two glass blowers from Bohemia living in Dresden. Between 1863 and 1939, father and son created fascinating reproductions of marine invertebrates as study material for natural history museums and universities around the world. Struck by their beauty, Mocafico travelled throughout Europe to photograph these objects, too fragile to be moved around. Festival Images restores these animals to their natural environment by immersing the entire exhibition into Lake Geneva and indicating its location with buoys. Virtual reality headsets enable visitors to see this underwater exhibition.

A production by Festival Images Vevey, Creatives & Vertiges Prod
In association with Samsung
Making of the virtual reality film: Sébastien Devrient
Installation and consultant: Centre de sports subaquatiques Vevey
This series will be published by éditions Steidl (Gottingen)
In the ‘open air exhibition’ section, Festival Images Vevey presents
101 Packshots, another project by Guido Mocafico