Program 2018

No 49 Jenny Rova

Switzerland/Sweden (1972)

I would also like to be - A work on jealousy

After a painful break-up, Jenny Rova began spying on her former boyfriend and his new girlfriend on Facebook. After downloading the images posted by the couple, she photographed herself imitating the poses and expressions of her new adversary. With a snip of the scissors, the artist superimposes her self-portraits over the face of her supposed rival and appropriates a life which she has been excluded from. Her work addresses the nature of intimate and private pictures once they have been published on social networks and the unusual feelings triggered in those who see them. These images are printed on standard paper while the self-portraits of the artist are glued over them evoking the creative process of the series.

Original scenography by Images Vevey in association with the artist
The photographs in this series are drawn from the book “I would also like to be”, published by b. frank books in 2015, reedited on the occasion of the Festival Images.


I would also like to be - A work on jealousy: Have a look at the gallery