Program 2018

No 48 Jono Rotman

New Zealand (1974)


Jono Rotman has published the result of his research focussing on an infamous New Zealand gang: the Mighty Mongrel Mob. Their mostly Maori members appropriate the nationalist symbols of the British empire and the Third Reich in order to question the notion of racial identity in this former colony. By playing on the tradition of ethnographic research, he produced close to 200 portraits of these warriors with their tattooed faces and emblems pinned to their clothes. Complemented by archives and interviews, his book, produced thanks to the Images Vevey Book Award, bears witness to the richness of this marginalised subculture. The installation displayed in Vevey’s covered market brings these men back into the heart of the city.

Original scenography by Images Vevey in association with the artist
With the support of the Association of Les Amis d’Images

In the context of this exhibition, Here Press and Images Vevey will jointly publish the book that is an integral part of this work.

Venue: La Grenette