Program 2016

Laurence Aëgerter

France/The Netherlands (1972)

Photographic Treatment


Nestlé Grant

This project explores the effects of images on people suffering from senile dementia, and particularly Alzheimer’s. Conducted in collaboration with neurologists, gerontologists and psychologists, this research aims to provide a therapeutic tool based on images, in order to improve the wellbeing of patients. Laurence Aëgerter’s work is based on recent scientific studies, which demonstrate that viewing images and manipulating printed photographs can have a positive impact on patients by stimulating their cognitive functions. Images will be printed using a silkscreen process to make them fragrant.

With the support of Nestlé, Mondriaan Fonds, Zorgbalans, Stichting Stokroos, Amstelring, Fonds Sluyterman van Loo, Stichting RCOAK, Huize plantage, GGZ inGeest et Pius Stichting
Scientific comitee : Prof. Dr. Rose-Marie Dröes, Dr. Debby Gerritsen, Dr. Frans Hoogeveen, Dr. Elsbeth de Ruijter, Prof. Dr. Dick Swaab, Prof. Dr. Philip Scheltens, Dr. Anneke van der Plaats, Dr. Tom van Gestel
Produced with the support of Fondation Beau-Séjour within its 30 years anniversary celebration

Meet Laurence Aëgerter on 10 September

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