Program 2018

No 29 Magali Koenig

Switzerland (1952)

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The Swiss Camera Museum presents an exhibition on the work of Magali Koenig in Russia and the former Soviet republics. For thirty years, she traversed the countries of the former USSR, following in the footsteps of Blaise Cendrars and Anton Chekhov on her journey to the island of Sakhalin. By focussing on presence through absence, her photographs of deserted landscapes and empty interiors depict Russian nostalgia for a bygone past and a hopeful future founded on broken promises.

Produced by the Swiss Camera Museum
Curated by Jean-Marc Yersin and Pascale Bonnard-Yersin, directors of the Swiss Camera Museum (until June 2018)

During Festival Images, this exhibition is spread throughout a dozen shops in the town centre for the Vitr’in Vevey project (No 30).

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