Program 2018

No 30 Magali Koenig

Switzerland (1952)

Vitr'in Vevey

Every year, Parcours Vitrines presents the work of apprentices from the 3D Polydesign department of the Ecole d’arts appliqués de Vevey (CEPV). For Festival Images, the aim is to highlight the work of a local photographer. This year’s exhibition echoes Courir après la pluie (No. 29) devoted to Magali Koenig’s work in Russia and the former Soviet republics, presented by the Swiss Camera Museum. The teachers suggested that the students take their inspiration from Anton Chekhov’s journey to the island of Sakhalin and link it to the photographer’s images to create a literary, graphic and technical work.

Design and production: Anaelle Amstutz, Simon Chenevard, Maila Deon, Lorna Dessaux, Cécile Dufour, Julie Facchinetti, Nicola Ferrari, Zoé Golay, Lidia Lino Mathez, Cloé Mignot, Marion Rebetez and Thérèse Weibel