Program 2016

Martin Parr

England (1952)

You and Martin are a Pa(i)rr


Martin Parr documents the paradoxes of our society with irony and derision. His work exposes the absurdity of our daily lives with humour and tenderness and reveals the grotesque quirks of globalisation, tourism and consumer society. Through this exhibition, Festival Images Vevey provides visitors with a chance to literally immerse themselves in Martin Parr’s apparently ordinary yet iconic scenes of life. It is their turn to find a place next to the people featured in the photograph by posing in front of a green screen before appearing on the picture. Everyone will come up with a way of physically interacting with the subject and composition of these photographs. You’ll be on a par with Parr!

Original scenography by Festival Images Vevey
With the support of Fonds culturel Riviera
In the « Open air exhibitions » section, the Festival Images Vevey presents Think of Switzerland, another project by Martin Parr

You and Martin are a Pa(i)rr : Have a look at the gallery