Program 2016

Martin Parr

England (1952)

Think of Switzerland


Martin Parr is considered a major photographer of his generation. For 40 years, he has delivered a scathing critique of contemporary society, with a focus on the excesses of popular leisure activities and mass tourism. Festival Images presents a photograph taken from a series about Switzerland, produced by the English photographer in 2012, which features a close-up of a tourist admiring the mountains in Zermatt, as if he was inlaid in the panorama. This installation welcomes visitors to the Festival, before Parr’s other exhibition in Salle del Castillo, You and Martin are a Pa(i)rr. This image is placed on the façade of the BCV, opposite Vevey station, and blends with the Alpine landscape behind the building.

Original scenography by Festival Images Vevey
In the ‘indoor exhibition’ section, Festival Images Vevey presents
You and Martin are a Pa(i)rr, another project by Martin Parr

Venue: Facade BCV