Program 2018

No 61 Martin Zimmermann & Augustin Rebetez

Switzerland (1970 & 1986)

Les catacombes de Mr. Skeleton

Produced in stop motion with a DIY and rock’n’roll aesthetic, these 12 black and white short films feature a multitude of characters embodied by performer Martin Zimmermann. The most evil of them all, Mr Skeleton, invites himself into each episode to restore order to this world of rascals and deceivers. The result of a unique collaboration between Martin Zimmermann and Augustin Rebetez, this series of films inspired by the classics of silent burlesque cinema delivers a biting vision of the quirks of contemporary society. These videos transform the basement of this former hardware shop into mysterious catacombs filled with extravagant creatures.

Duration: 3-4 min. each movie

Original scenography by Images Vevey in association with the artist
With the support of SNK Construction SA

Legal age 6 years, suggested age 8 years

Venue: La Droguerie
Les catacombes de Mr. Skeleton: Have a look at the gallery