Program 2016

Mat Collishaw

England (1966)

The End of Innocence

With The End of Innocence, Mat Collishaw stages a dialogue between two iconic artworks through a digital recreation: the portrait of Pope Innocent X painted by Diego Velázquez in 1650 and its modern reinterpretation by Francis Bacon painted in 1953. This installation takes the form of a cloud of luminous pixels, where the Irish painter’s work is superimposed on that of the Spanish painter in a continuous interplay of successive fading. Halfway between figuration and abstraction, this hypnotic work evokes the superficiality of the images generated in our hyper-connected societies, in a time when clouds, mobile devices and social media rule our daily lives with an overwhelming influx of images. The installation is exhibited in monumental format in the choir of Sainte-Claire Church.

In the attic of the History Museum/Confrérie des Vignerons, Festival Images Vevey offers In Camera, another project by Mat Collishaw

Meet Mat Collishaw on 11 September