Program 2016

Mat Collishaw

England (1966)

In Camera


In Camera is designed around the photographic archives of Birmingham’s library, based on a series of 12 negatives from a crime scene, taken on behalf of the British city’s police in the 1930s and 1940s. In the attic of the History Museum, the installation presents each scene reproduced in transparency with phosphorescent ink and exhibited in an individual showcase. Under sporadic flashes, these antiquated images briefly reveal themselves to the eyes of the visitors plunged in darkness. Collishaw takes these archives out of their documentary function to sow confusion into our minds. The absence of all human presence in these scenes instinctively arouses our curiosity: everyone is invited to appropriate the images and draw their own conclusions on the crimes that happened in these mysterious scenes. These archive images are presented in the attic of Vevey’s History Museum, in an immersive installation created by the artist.

In the choir of Sainte-Claire Church, the Festival Images Vevey presents The End of Innocence, another project by Mat Collishaw