Program 2016

Matt Lipps

USA (1975)



For more than 10 years, Matt Lipps has been cutting up archive pictures which he then displays on shelves, like a cabinet of curiosities. For this particular series, Matt Lipps drew from The Library of Photography, a 17-volume book published between 1970 and 1972 by Time-Life Books, from which he selected, cut up and assembled some 500 elements – objects, animals and human characters which form a sort of visual encyclopaedia tracing 40 years of the history of photography. With the use of collage, staging and still life, Library pays tribute to analogue photography and raises the question of the future of the media and digital pictures.These photographs are printed on huge sheets hanging between the pillars of la Grenette, on Place du Marché, which hosts a flea market every week.

Original scenography by Festival Images Vevey

Venue: La Grenette