No 03 Michela Benaglia & Emanuela Colombo

Italy (1980 & 1974)

Beatle in the Box

In 2050, the Earth will have nearly 10 billion inhabitants and just as many mouths to feed. Experts agree that the consumption of insects is an effective alternative to meet the needs of a growing population whilst also protecting the environment. With the help of a chef and a biologist, Michela Benaglia and Emanuela Colombo have designed and photographed insect recipes that look surprisingly appetising. Pancakes with locusts, miso soup with silkworms or mini-quiches with dried tarantula, these images question our relationship to this food practice. Still perceived as extravagant by Europeans, more than 2 billion individuals already eat this way on a daily basis.

Original scenography by Images Vevey in association with the artists
With the support of Alimentarium

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