No 18 Philippe Durand

France (1963)

Vallée des Merveilles 2

In 2014, Philippe Durand explored the Valley of Marvels in the Mercantour National Park in France. He found some exceptional archaeological heritage consisting of some 40,000 rock carvings dating from 3000 B.C. right up until today. Viewing this site as an outdoor museum, the artist turned it into his workshop by creating a photographic reproduction of the location. His installation playfully echoes the topography of the site, thanks to inflatable sculptures in the form of rocks reminiscent of theme parks. A giant photograph of contemporary graffiti representing Mickey Mouse refers to the extraordinary meeting of traces from the past and present.

Original scenography by Images Vevey produced in association with the artist
The photographs in this series are drawn from the book Vallée des Merveilles 2, published by Editions Gwinzegal in 2016.


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