Program 2018

No 46 Philippe Ramette

France (1961)

Promenade irrationnelle - Exploration rationnelle des fonds sous-marins

Since 1996, Philippe Ramette has been creating acrobatic performances together with photographer Marc Domage with no special effects or digital editing, putting his own body to the test. Dressed in a suit, he embeds himself amazingly in the landscape thanks to a harness and other unusual objects that enable him to defy the laws of gravity and overcome the constraints of being underwater. He takes up extraordinary positions, walking perpendicular on a palm tree, searching for his way on a map at the bottom of the sea and painting the surface of the water while standing on a ladder.

Original scenography by Images Vevey in association with the artist
With the support of Holdigaz

Promenade irrationnelle - Exploration rationnelle des fonds sous-marins: Have a look at the gallery