Program 2018

No 26 Pierre-Philippe Hofmann & Mathias Domahidy

Belgium & Switzerland (1976 & 1978)

Ad Libitum

Pierre-Philippe Hofmann and Mathias Domahidy met on a train in Belgium. Taking the same journey every day, they decided to work on a project together that combined fiction and reality, text and image. Their short films show ordinary scenes from everyday life, filmed by Hofmann in a static shot. In the post-production stage, Domahidy acts as producer and directs the actions of the passers-by in a voiceover that turns them into actors and extras on set without their knowing. At Festival Images, they present a Vevey version, shot one winter morning at the port. This video installation is set up in the same location and placed in the same position as the camera.
Duration: 5 min. 30

Produced by Images Vevey
Original scenography by Images Vevey in association with the artists

Legal age 0 years, suggested age 8 years