Program 2018

No 53 Pierrick Sorin

France (1960)

Pierrick sur la Lune

For Festival Images, Pierrick Sorin has specially designed an “optical theatre” on a human scale featuring two holographic characters reproducing Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the Moon. First, a black and white scrambled video shows an astronaut in a semi-weightless state. The spectator then discovers the protagonist accompanied by a woman playing out the most incredible of human achievements by the most ridiculous of means.


Scenography: Presented in the auditorium of the Théâtre Oriental-Vevey, once a cinema, this piece harks back to the era of George Méliès’ films and questions with humour the authenticity of these extraordinary images.

Produced by Images Vevey with the support of the Théâtre Oriental-Vevey

The Festival Images also presents four miniature optical theatres by Pierrick Sorin: Chorégraphies aux savonnettes, Le Visualiseur d’images mentales, Pierrick Transhistorik, The French Magician

Models of praxinoscopes, the cameras that inspired Pierrick Sorin for his optical theatres, are on display at the Swiss Camera Museum (No 29).

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