Program 2016

Renate Buser

Switzerland (1961)

Avenue Nestlé 55


For its first outdoor exhibition in 2008, Festival Images Vevey created its only monumental installation with Renate
Buser. Eight years later, the Swiss artist will present the largest photographic images of the 2016 festival. Working essentially on architecture, Buser draws from existing building components to create huge installations, laid out in such a way as to question our relationship with reality. The image shown on the façade of the Nestlé international headquarters is a fragment of the hall of this iconic building, built by Lausanne-based architect Jean Tschumi. Between mise en abyme and gigantic trompe-l’oeil, this work highlights the interplay of transparency and scale between the construction and its environment, and immerses us inside this architectural gem.

Original scenography by Festival Images Vevey
A project produced by Festival Images Vevey in association with Nestlé
This installation was produced at the occasion of Nestlé 150 years celebrations in 2016