Program 2018

No 22 Rodney Graham

Canada (1949)

Sunday Sun, 1937

Inspired by a comic scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1938 film, The Lady Vanishes, Rodney Graham’s photograph depicts a mysterious character hidden behind a newspaper held by two slightly different hands. The Canadian conceptual artist recreates in a single image all the comedy of the Hitchcock sequence in a cheerful composition with a copy of his hometown newspaper, The Sunday Sun Vancouver, from 1937, the year the film was shot.
Scenography: Displayed on the facade of the Hôtel des Trois Couronnes, this image evokes not only that iconic scene, which takes place in a hotel, but also the bygone charm of this historic palace.

Produced by Images Vevey
With the support of the Hôtel des Trois Couronnes
Original scenography by Images Vevey in association with the artist

Sunday Sun, 1937 : Have a look at the gallery