Program 2018

No 51 Saype

France (1989)

Which Legacy?

A pioneer in the field of painting on grass, Saype has been producing gigantic, outdoor temporary frescoes with a 100% biodegradable mixture he prepares himself. Between land art and street art, his figurative works blend in with the

natural alpine landscape. Continuing his series of large-scale, in-situ organic frescoes and especially for Festival Images, Saype will create a custom-made work in a park next to Tour-de-Peilz Castle. Visible only with a drone or by climbing the corner tower of the medieval fortress, this monumental artwork proposes a reflection on sustainable development in society and on the values we wish to transmit to future generations.

Produced by Images Vevey and the Affaires culturelles de la Ville de La Tour-de-Peilz
In association with the Swiss Museum of Games