Program 2016

Sébastien Agnetti

Switzerland (1976)

Heure Bleue


Snapped away at by tourists, shared on social media or used as wallpaper, views of Lake Geneva have become ever-present, even mundane. Sébastien Agnetti decided to return some of its glory to this exceptional panorama, limiting himself to pictures taken at the blue hour, i.e. a period of twilight popular with photographers when the sky takes on a predominantly blue hue. Guided by the smartphone application BlueHourApp and working in the technical chamber, the meticulous portraitist repeats the exercise for several months to capture the lake’s most perfect appearance. On the terrace of Le National, inside a lightbox designed with designer Oliver Kamm, the installation recreates the illusion of a landscape after nightfall.

Curating and production: Sébastien Agnetti

Official opening of the exhibition on 10 September at 4 pm

Venue: Le National