Program 2016

Sylvie Théraulaz

Switzerland (1969)

Voyages virtuels


While Sylvie Théraulaz was getting acquainted with Instagram (@sissi_de_douze), she also found out about Google Earth. Now she spends hours at her computer immersing herself in this virtual world seen from above, and roaming the five continents looking for geological formations, agricultural developments, urban constructions and human activity that demonstrate some interest from a graphic point of view. With a clever interplay of zooming and framing, she then composes tiny landscapes, which she captures on screen. Distributed on social networks, the Voyages virtuels series gathers hundreds of snapshots, a selection of which are presented as collections that echo the interface of an Instagram gallery.

In the ‘parallel exhibitions’ section, 3D Polydesign apprentices from the Ecole d’arts appliqués de Vevey (CEPV) display photographs by Sylvie Théraulaz in the Vitr’in Vevey project.