Program 2016

Terry Brown & Gordon Stettinius

USA (1962 & 1966)

Mangini Studio


For eight years, Gordon Stettinius has played with his own image by growing and dyeing his hair and sculpting his beard for Terry Brown to take regular headshots of him in the purest American tradition of studio photography. While he changes from one look to another, the artist is confronted with society’s perception of him and what started as a simple artistic project soon leads to great introspection. This wacky series illustrates the absurdity of prejudice based on physical appearance through a gallery of flamboyant characters embodied by Stettinius himself, giving the impression that the artist has lived 1,001 different lives. This gallery of portraits is exhibited on F4 panels in front of Salle del Castillo, echoing the 2016 Festival’s headline ‘Invest in your Image(s)’!

Original scenography by Festival Images Vevey
Photographs from the series are taken from the book Mangini Studio published by Candela Books (Richmond) in 2014