Program 2016

Walter Chandoha

USA (1920)

The Cat Photographer


Since the end of World War II, Walter Chandoha has gathered an impressive gallery of cat portraits in all imaginable forms: posters, calendars, jigsaw puzzles, T-shirts, packets of animal food, etc. The Cat Photographer pays tribute to this long-despised genre through some 60 or so emblematic pictures. Wonderfully tacky, his images have paved the way in the field of commercial animal photography. With an unabashed use of bright backgrounds and particular attention paid to lighting, Chandoha gives an inimitable touch of glamour to these animals. This series is the object of a tribute book published by Aperture in 2015. Visitors will be able to leave with a poster of an image on display.

The photographs of this series are taken from the book Walter Chandoha: The Cat Photographer, published by Aperture in 2015