Program 2016

Yann Gross

Switzerland (1981)

Chalet Rhapsody


This series of images by Swiss photographer Yann Gross is taken from the wonderful book 50 Summers of Music (Editions Textuel), published for this jubilee. Written by journalist Arnaud Robert, the story of the music festival is told through the incredible cabinet of curiosities in Claude Nobs’ chalets. It is a commissioned work, focusing on objects that are part of Montreux Jazz Festival’s DNA, that Yann Gross produces here. Visitors are immersed in a music-lover’s museum that includes a self-portrait by David Bowie, a contract signed by Miles Davis, B.B. King’s guitar and an original recording of a Led Zeppelin concert. In La Ferblanterie, these giant still-lives are exhibited around the installation Le Picotin, outlining a place of quasi-worship dedicated to the memory of the legendary founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Photographs from this series are taken from the book 50 Summers of Music published by Editions Textuel in 2016