Cultural outreach

Families and youth

The Festival Images is an event for all ages! If you go to the Festival with your family, you will find on this page all the useful information for your visit as well as proposals for family workshops.

Family-friendly exhibitions :

Susan Barnett (No 02), Michela Benaglia & Emanuela Colombo (No 03), Giona Bierens de Haan (No 04), Marcos Chaves (No 12), Bernard Demenge (No 15), Philippe Durand (No 17 and 18), ECAL (No 19), Charles Fréger (No 20), Coco Fronsac (No 21), Rodney Graham (No 22), Naomi Harris (No 25), Fumiko Imano (No 27), Erik Kessels (No 28), Christian Marclay (No 36), Daido Moriyama (No 38 and 39), Arnold Odermatt (No 42), Saype (No 51), Pierrick Sorin (No 53), Angélique Stehli (No 54), Lorenzo Vitturi (No 57), Erwin Wurm (No 59 and 60).

Suggestion of family-friendly tour : 

Most exhibitions are adapted for families. We have prepared an option for family visits: an extravagant cocktail that combines humour, clowning, masks and travel..:

No. 59 Erwin Wurm (Queue Risk)
No. 25 Naomi Harris
No 18 Philippe Durand
No 20 Charles Fréger
No 57 Lorenzo Vitturi
No 15 Bernard Demenge
No 21 Coco Fronsac

Download the Festival Map

Festival Images 2018 game notebook

Observe, draw, play: the notebook designed for children aged 6 and over is full of discovery trails and invitations to open your eyes wide!

Free of charge, they can be picked up at the “Info and reception” points at the Station and Salle Del Castillo. In french only.

At the end of your adventure, go to the largest limousine in the world (No 04) to receive a small gift!

Workshops for families - In french only

This workshop, inspired by the Emeric Lhuisset exhibition (n°34) invites you to experiment one of the oldest photographic techniques that allows you to produce deep blue images. With your family, create works from your photos, handwritten texts and decorative materials.
The workshop, organized in collaboration with the Swiss Camera Museum, is led by Delphine Claret-Broggio, photographer.
Instructions for sending and preparing your personal images will be provided when you confirm your registration.

Suggested age : 8 years
The number of places being limited, it is necessary to register on 077 493 29 84 or by e-mail:

Tariff :
Individual : CHF 10.-
Family: CHF 30.-

Meeting point at the Emeric Lhuisset exhibition site (No 34)

15 Sept, 11am
15 Sept, 14h30
23 Sept, 11am
23 Sept, 14h30
29 Sept, 11am
29 Sept, 14:30

Workshop "Les insectes dans nos assiettes" - In french only

Want to try a culinary workshop that is out of the ordinary?
Under the guidance of a chef, come to the Alimentarium to cook and taste insects.

The number of places being limited, it is necessary to register on

Date: September 23rd, from 10am to 12:45pm

Price: CHF 65.- for one adult and one child, meal included