Practical information

Wheelchairs and stroller

Most of the Festival’s exhibition spaces are accessible by wheelchair or stroller:

Jun Ahn (No 01), Susan Barnett (No 02), Michela Benaglia & Emanuela Colombo (No 03), Giona Bierens de Haan (No 04), Olivier Blanckart (No 06), Jeff Bridges (07), CEPV (No 10), Marcos Chaves (No 12), Xiaoyi Chen (No 13), De Middel & Erickson (No 14), Bernard Demenge (No 15), Dias & Riedweg (No 16), Philippe Durand (No 17 and 18), Charles Fréger (No 20), Coco Fronsac (No 21), Rodney Graham (No 22), Antonina Gugala (No 23), Naomi Harris (No 25), Fumiko Imano (No 27), Erik Kessels (No 28), Magali Koenig (No 29 and 30), Henry Leutwyler (32 and 33), Emeric Lhuisset (No 34), Olivier Lovey (No 35), Christian Marclay (No 36), Annette Messager (No 37), Daido Moriyama (No 38 and 39), Frédéric Nauczyciel (No 40 and 41), Arnold Odermatt (No 42), Cyril Porchet (No 43), Peter Pukus (No 45), Philippe Ramette (No 46), Jono Rotman (No 48), Jenny Rova (No 49), Pachi Santiago (No 50), Pierrick Sorin (No 53), Angélique Stehli (No 54), Tambour ni Trumpette (No 56), Lorenzo Vitturi (No 57).

Suggestion of a route for wheelchair or strollers:

Most exhibitions are accessible for wheelchairs. The route we suggest below will take you from the station to the lake. It reflects different, sometimes serious and profound, most often humorous and extravagant, ways of getting out of the ordinary and out of the norm.

No 34 Emeric Lhuisset
No 42 Arnold Odermatt
No 15 Bernard Demenge
No 48 Jono Rotman
No 21 Coco Fronsac
No 40 Frédéric Nauczyciel
No 57 Lorenzo Vitturi
No 12 Marcos Chaves
No 06 Olivier Blanckart

Download the Festival Map

For more information, write to us at or go directly to the reception desk of the Salle del Castillo.