The Festival



Festival Images Vevey 2018 Team :

Director : Stefano Stoll
Production and administration : Raphaël Biollay
Curatorship & Scenography : Stefano Stoll and Raphaël Biollay
Programme Team : Stefano Stoll, Raphäel Biollay, Tamara Jenny-Devrient, Sébastien Leseigneur and Fanny Brülhart
Production : Sébastien Leseigneur
Media & Communications : Anita Jovanovic
Editing & Copywriting : Camille Avellan
Administration : Yulia Fernandes
Exploitation : Lucia Caro
Cultural Outreach : Anne Bourban, Mélida Bidal
Hospitality & Partnerships : Zoé Nguyen
Library & Shop : Julie Racine
Graphic Design : Omnigroup – Luke Archer, Leonardo Azzolini,
Simon Mager and Frederik Mahler-Andersen
Graphic Design Production, Colouring & Photoengraving : James Pascale, BBH Solutions Visuelles
Technique : Antoine Cochain and Carlo Maria Marangoni
Communications & Editing Assistant : Thanh-Maï Han
Hospitality & Partnerships Assistant : Cindy Garcia
Library & Shop Assistants : Chely Hauert, Félix Prautzsch
Multimedia Assistant : Eva Ciocca
Photographers : Julien Gremaud, Diana Martin and Mathilda Olmi
Website : Ergopix
Press Agents for France : Catherine and Prune Philippot
German-speaking Press Agent : Murielle Badet – North Communication
Translation : Chris de Angelis, Alexander Cracker

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The Foundation Board

President : Elina Leimgruber
: René Ciocca
Treasurer : Alain Siegrist
General secretary : Raphaël Biollay

Members : Michel Agnant, Sabine Carruzzo, Claude Cherbuin, Luc Debraine, Jörg Meyer, Marie Neumann, Dominique Radrizzani, Cécile Maud Tirelli