The Festival



Images Vevey team :

Director : Stefano Stoll
Production and administration : Raphaël Biollay
Programme : Stefano Stoll and Raphaël Biollay
Production : Tamara Jenny-Devrient
Communication and press : Anita Jovanovic
Editions : Camille Avellan
Graphic Design : Christiane Steiner – Mary & Jo Studio
Website : ergopix
Administrative assistant: Yulia Fernandes

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The Foundation Board

President : Elina Leimgruber
: René Ciocca
Treasurer: Alain Siegrist
General secretary: Raphaël Biollay (hors Conseil)

Members : Michel Agnant, Sabine Carruzzo, Claude Cherbuin, Luc Debraine, Marie Neumann, Dominique Radrizzani