The 2022 Festival

A look back in images at the eighth edition of the most important visual arts biennial in Switzerland. Every two years, this festival presents a new unique collection of made-to-measure indoor and outdoor photography exhibitions and displays, to be discoered free of charge throughout Vevey.

Images Vevey celebrate life together

It takes all sorts to make a world! By bringing together over 45 artists from some twenty countries, the Images Vevey biennial aims to create links. Despite the current uncertain international context, this is a time for reunion and togetherness. Our connection with others and with our environment, the importance and fragility of social and family ties, the joys and sorrows when the collective and the individual coexist: These are just some of the topics the 2022 Festival is looking forward to exploring via ‘Together. La vie ensemble.’

Editorial by the Director of Images Vevey Stefano Stoll

A word from the syndic of Vevey Yvan Luccarini (in french)


The featured artistic projects invite the visitors to experience images in a different way through monumental installations and scenography that is often unusual… The biennale has the particularity of custom designing its exhibitions in order to strike the perfect balance between the works, the scenography and the place in which they are exhibited.

The Noi typography

For this 2022 edition, Images Vevey has chosen a visual identity based on the typography of the word Noi (We/Us in Italian) created by Feixen, a Swiss design studio.

The M SPAGHETTI in the word IMAGES resembles a doubly observant and unifying character, inviting us to stroll around the town. A halo of light in the middle evokes both a camera flash and the Vaud Riviera sun, while the colour gradient alludes to sunshine on a beautiful day outdoors on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Atelier Ciao designed the visual communication for the Images Vevey 2022 biennial. Nicolas Polli, the artistic director of this Biel/Bienne-based studio is a graphic designer, photographer and editor. He collaborated with Images Vevey for its tenth anniversary opus “The Book of Images– An illustrated dictionary of visual experiences – from A to Z” and designed the visual identity of L’Appartement – Espace Images Vevey, the new permanent base for the biennial.


Festival Images Vevey 2022 team

The Foundation Board

President : Yvan Luccarini
 : René Ciocca
Treasurer : Alain Siegrist
Director : Stefano Stoll
General secretary : Raphaël Biollay

Members : Staffan Ahrenberg, Sabine Carruzzo, Henry Leutwyler, Alexandra Melchior, Luc Meier, Jörg Meyer, Dominique Radrizzani, Cécile Maud Tirelli