Grand Prix Images Vevey is a creation-support grant for photography projects. The award, worth some CHF 40’000 (approx. EUR 37’000), enables one artist to develop an original project over a year that will be presented at the next Festival Images Vevey in September 2022. The competition represents unique support for contemporary creation, with complete freedom of choice over subject and genre.

The Grand Prix Images Vevey and Images Vevey Book Award call for entries is now closed. Thanks to all applicants for their submissions!

This year, a total of 573 projects from artists hailing from 57 countries have been submitted to the Grand Prix Images Vevey, while 331 projects from 47 countries were submitted to the Images Vevey Book Award.


Grand Prix Images Vevey

The international photography competition Grand Prix Images Vevey takes place every odd year. Its main prize is one of the largest European awards in photography, providing crucial assistance for artists to carry out their project.

The jury also hands out other prizes including the Broncolor Prize (light) and Nestlé Prize – a grant that supports creation by summoning together the entertainment appeal of a festival, the economic rationale of a multinational corporation and the artistic endeavors of a laureate.

Initiated in 2016, the Images Vevey Book Award support an editorial project that offers a surprising adequation between the form and the content of a publication. This award is financed by les Amis d’Images



Since 1995, the Grand Prix Images Vevey was granted to: 

2019/2020: Kristine Potter (USA)
2017/2018: Peter Puklus (Hungary)
2015/2016: Christian Patterson (USA)
2013/2014: Augustin Rebetez (Switzerland)
2011/2012: Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh & Rozenn Quéré (Germany/Lebanon & France)
2009/2010: G.M.B Akash (Bangladesh) – Christian Lutz (Switzerland)
2007/2008: Geert Goiris (Belgium)
2006: Claude Baechtold (Switzerland)
2004: Aglaia Konrad (Austria)
2000: Wolfgang Stahr (Germany)
1998: Bogdan Konopka (Poland)
1995: Paulo Nozolino (Portugal)

Since 2016, the Images Vevey Book Award was granted to: 

2019/2020: Gloria Oyarzabal (Spain)
2017/2018: Jono Rotman (New Zealand)
2015/2016: Laia Abril (Spain)