Images par Images

Discover everyday of the week a new video interview of artists and poeple talking about photography in front of the giant green screen installed on a wall of the city.

In cinema and television, a green background is used to superimpose images within a video. In Vevey, a monumental green square is hung on the façade of a building. Like a monochrome, it becomes a game between the absence and presence of the image. For the production of a video show called Images par Images, individuals are invited to come and comment on photographs in front of the installation Écran vert. Post-production, these will be integrated to the wall found behind the person interviewed.

The Images par Images videos will be presented from Monday to Friday on the programme Vertigo on Première between 4.30pm and 6pm throughout the Festival. The videos can be found on: and on this page

Une coproduction du Festival Images (Vevey), de eikonEMF de Keystone et de la RTS/Radio Télévision Suisse