For the upcoming edition of the biennial, we are looking for:


Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the 2024 biennial’s operations, including the recruitment and management of the hospitality staff and guides.

The candidate must have prior experience in a similar role.

Activity Rate:
20% in April
50% in May
60% in June
100% from July to September
50% in October
-> Paid


Cultural Mediation Assistant

Cultural Mediation Civilian Service Member
Under the guidance of the Cultural Mediation Manager, they will participate in tasks related to all programs and activities connecting the 2024 edition with existing and potential audiences.

Activity Rate for Assistant:
60% in May
80% in June
100% from July to September
40% in October
-> Paid

Activity Rate for Civilian Service Member:
100% between May and October

Communication Intern

Communication + Press + Digital (FR + EN)
Ongoing education or completed training in communication, or prior experience.
60% in May
100% June to September
-> Paid position

Civilian Service Member

100% between May and October

Questions or applications?

Phone: 021 922 48 54
Application deadline: March 20, 2024