Images Vevey presents its latest publications in Paris from 9 to 13 November 2022!

Editions Images Vevey is positioning itself as a genuine supporter of innovative publishing projects, in particular with the creation of the Images Vevey Book Award.

In 2020, Editions Images Vevey was awarded the prestigious Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation New York “Photobook of the Year” prize for Woman Go No’Gree by Gloria Oyarzabal. In 2022, two photobooks co-published by Editions Images Vevey are also nominated.

Our latest publications are available at the Editions Images Vevey stand, at Polycopies, during Paris Photo from 9 to 13 November 2022. With signatures of the artists: Alina Frieske, Paola Jiménez Quispe, Vincen Beeckman, Vincent Jendly and Lucas Olivet.


Wednesday, November 9
5pm: Lucas Olivet, Au Bon Vin
6pm: Vincent Jendly, Lux in tenebris

Thursday, November 10
4pm: Vincen Beeckman, Vevey Minigolf Club
From 6pm: The Delpire & Co bookshop and the Éditions Images Vevey invite you to the launch of the book Lux in tenebris by Vincent Jendly
Other publications by Éditions Images Vevey will be available on site.
Meeting and book signing with the artists: Vincen Beeckman, Alina Frieske, Paola Jiménez Quispe and Lucas Olivet.
Signings and aperitif
Adress: 13 rue de l’Abbaye — Paris

Friday, November 11
4pm: Alina Frieske, Each and Every Part in Between

Saturday, November 12
3pm: Paola Jiménez Quispe, Rules for Fighting (Reglas para pelear)
4pm: Vincent Jendly, Lux in tenebris


Lux in tenebris

Vincent Jendly almost drowned when he was just five years old and this moment has remained engraved in his memory ever since. Years later, he is still trying to come to terms with water, the element that very nearly took his life. His Lux in tenebris series and book proposes a deep and intimate immersion in the sea.



Carmen Winant’s artwork involves diligently collecting images and experimenting with collage techniques which she then uses to investigate the dynamics of ‘feminist survival and revolt’. With her innovative Arrangements project, the laureate of the Images Vevey Book Award 2021/2022 rearranged entire pages taken from magazines or artists’ books. Drawing from a collection of over 2000 pages, she assembled them in pairs according to a shared topic or form, or at random.


Rules for fighting (Reglas para pelear)

As a winner of the Images Vevey Book Award Special Jury Prize 2021/2022, Paola Jiménez Quispe was offered the opportunity to publish a book. Rules for fighting (Reglas para pelear) takes the shape of a notebook of intimate size in which the artist has collected images and notes related to the murder of her father in 1998, when she was still a child.


Each and Every Part in Between

The publication Each and Every Part in Between reveals the richness and originality of the practice of Alina Frieske, an artist who were exhibited at the Festival Images Vevey in 2020. Her digital photomontages are made from various photographs found online and created using a very specific process. Between a poetic evocation of the history of painting and a warning about the accessibility of images on the Internet, completed by a meticulous inventory of each fragment of photos as many pictorial touches.


Au Bon Vin

In honour of the Au Bon Vin café, Chardonne (1900-2022) Lucas Olivet documents the last days of an emblematic Vaud restaurant, an essential meeting place for the village.


Vevey Minigolf Club

Passionate about mini-golf since his childhood, Vincen Beeckman travels the world’s golf courses in search of the surprising scenery that abounds. Published on the occasion of the Images Vevey 2022 biennial, Vevey Minigolf Club is a humorous ode to this popular activity.


One of Yours

Shortlisted for the Photo Text Book Award of the Rencontres d’Arles 2022, the Spanish photographer Daniel Mayrit’s One of Yours project investigates the rise of various forms of nationalism in the West. To do this, he stepped into the shoes of a campaigning politician.


Gibellina Model Studies

After an earthquake in 1968 left Gibellina buried under rubble, architects and postmodern artists rebuilt it from scratch. Alexander Rosenkranz went to stay in this new city to present it from a perspective that is as experimental as the site’s urban planning. Commissioned by Images Vevey in the context of the special edition of the Biennale in Gibellina in 2021.