Interactive chase game “Destination Utopie”

Interactive chase game

Do you enjoy playing as a team, whether with family, friends or colleagues? Complicated brain-twisters don’t scare you?

Then follow in the footsteps of the scientist Adams, lost in space-time when he lost control of his infernal machine.
To free him… find as soon as possible the coordinates of the destination Utopia.

To play, you only need a smartphone, a notebook and a pencil to take note of the clues collected. You can download the app at the starting point of the game while collecting the first clues to your quest.

Departure: in the basement of the Théâtre de Verdure (Jardin du Rivage) at Antony Cairns’ exhibition (No 8) to start the adventure.

Every day, from 11am to 7pm, free. In french only 
Duration of the game: between 2h and 2h30

Developed in collaboration with Escapelife