“Mongrelism” by Jono Rotman at Paris Photo

Winner of the 2017/2018 Images Vevey Book Award Jono Rotman has published the result of his research focussing on an infamous New Zealand gang: the Mighty Mongrel Mob. By playing on the tradition of ethnographic research, he produced close to 200 portraits of these warriors with their tattooed faces and emblems pinned to their clothes. Gathering 152 reproductions and complemented by archives and interviews, this book, produced thanks to the Images Vevey Book Award, bears witness to the richness of this marginalised subculture. Following an exhibition of these portraits in monumental format presented at the last Festival Images Vevey, this work is now the subject of a 300-page book with a print run of 1’500 copies co-published by Images Vevey and Here Press, London.

Jono Rotman will be signing copies of his book at Paris Photo 2018 
On November 7 at 6pm at Polycopies, at Lyre Press booth
On November 8 at 7pm at Offprint, at Here Press booth

This book is available for sale, click here for more details