New exhibition at L’Appartement – Espace Images Vevey Vernissage: December, 14th. 6pm

Riverboom « Greatest Hits » – Coming Home

For its fifth session of exhibitions, Images Vevey has given free rein to an Italian-Swiss collective that has been based in an apartment in Vevey for the past twenty years: Riverboom.

Riverboom was founded in 2002 by a small group of aspiring war journalists in a valley in north-west Afghanistan, through which the river Boom flows. Over the past twenty years, Riverboom has published books, created exhibitions, produced films, and organised parties, while predominantly being a stage for inner struggles. Riverboomers are photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers, journalists, and writers. Having surrendered their youthful vitality for the banal obligations that come with age, they are making the most of the invitation extended by L’Appartement to flaunt, as most ageing stars do, their soon-to-be long-gone ‘Greatest Hits’.

Opening: 6pm
Where: in the main hall of the Vevey train station, on the 2nd floor