Thank you!

Festival Images Vevey closed its doors on Sunday 2 October at 19:00. Marked by multiple collaborations and an extraordinary attendance, the initial Festival report is clearly fantastic.

MERCI / THANK YOU from Festival Images on Vimeo.

The fifth consecutive biennale took the label “Vevey, city of images” at face value, adorning the city with images and thereby contributing to strengthen its international position. Focusing on the theme of immersion, 75 projects custom-made by artists hailing from 15 different countries, exhibited in public spaces as well as in specifically-arranged venues, were offered free of charge to some tens of thousands of festivalgoers over three weeks. A total of close to 100,000 visits in indoor venues two days before the actual end of the event, with daily peaks of some 4,000 one-time visitors just for Salle del Castillo, the Festival’s epicentre – among other reasons a result that stems from the use of new indoor venues.

Surveys and observations carried out during the event highlight the diversity of visitors: local, national and international, children, teenagers and adults, families, professional photographers, amateurs and onlookers, the Festival filled everyone with enthusiasm!

The next Festival Images will take place from 8 to 30 September 2018 with the renewed ambition of taking the label “Vevey, city of images” at face value and reinventing the city for festivalgoers as well as citizens. Until then, Images Vevey will dedicate 2017 to the organisation of the Grand Prix Images as well as to preparing exhibitions in its permanent gallery at Espace Images.