Edoardo Delille

Italy (1974)
Biennale Images Vevey
We Splash

In the heart of the summer, Edoardo Delille photographed forty people living on the Swiss Riviera as they jumped into the lake and then underwater. The We Splash series translates the close bonds all local people share with the lake. During Festival Images, his images were presented along Quai Perdonnet on an installation inspired by water and conceived in collaboration with Bachelor students in Bachelor Industrial Design at ECAL: Viewers discovered the submersed images with the help of giant fishing poles propped on one of the local fishermen’s favorite fishing spots.

Biennale Images Vevey
Diving Maldives

According to data from the United Nations, the Maldives is likely to be one of the first countries to disappear as a result of climate change. This situation is leading the authorities to consider solutions to expatriate the population to host countries. With the current rate of global warming, 80% of this archipelago’s 1200 islands could become submerged by the year 2050. The Diving Maldives series illustrates this unfathomable fact in an utterly unexpected and suggestive way. The artists collated underwater photographs taken by tourists when diving, then, with the help of a projector, they cast these images onto the walls of the homes of the indigenous population. These very same people pose knowing that they will be inevitably forced into ecological exile.