Peter Puklus

Hungary (1980)
Grand Prix Images Vevey
The Hero Mother – How to Build a House

Recipient of the Grand Prix Images Vevey 2017/2018, Peter Puklus addresses the dynamics of gender role as pre-defined by society, including maternity as a presumed heroic activity or the assumed paternal duty to build and protect the home. Combining sculpture and performance, his The Hero Mother – How to Build a House project mischievously breaks down the symbols of modern life while developing, away from the photography studio, an original visual vocabulary on parenthood. Internationally premiering in Vevey, his installation plastically reconstitutes everyday family life unfolding in the privacy of an apartment. In each room, viewers discover the artist’s images printed on the walls, pieces of furniture and common objects.

Espace Images Vevey
The Hero Mother – How to Build a House

In this 2017/2018 Grand Prix Images Vevey winning series, Peter Puklus deconstructs the dynamics of pre-established female and male roles: motherhood as a presumed heroic activity and the father’s assumed duty to build and protect the home. Premiered internationally at the 2018 edition of the Festival Images Vevey with an immersive installation, the project continues today as an artist’s book co-published by Witty Books and Images Vevey. By deploying an extraordinary visual and pictorial vocabulary around his own family unit, Puklus breaks down the symbols traditionally associated with maternal and paternal figures. Throughout the pages, he shares with the reader his doubts, his states of mind and his vulnerability.

Edition Witty Books / Images Vevey