31 – Alexander Rosenkranz

Germany (1987)

Gibellina Model Studies

After an earthquake in 1968 left Gibellina buried under rubble, architects and postmodern artists rebuilt it from scratch. Commissioned by Images Vevey and winner of the Grand Prix Images Vevey 2021/2022 Nestlé Grant, Alexander Rosenkranz went to stay in this new city to present it from a perspective that is as experimental as the site’s urban planning. As he wandered around it, at all times of the day, he explored various methods for taking photographs to vary the possible interpretations. Back in his Berlin studio, he photocopied the pictures he had taken and rearranged the printouts following strict protocols.

In renewing the genre of architectural photography, Gibellina Model Studies questions the complete reconstruction of a city that has now become an artistic urban model.

Images Vevey commissioned Gibellina Model Studies at the special edition of its Biennial held in the town of Gibellina Nuova in Sicily in 2021.

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