37 – Thomas Struth

Germany (1954)

Unconscious Collectivity

The German photographer Thomas Struth is one of the most influential of his generation. His images of our architectural, social, ideological, and technological environment explore the implicit collective dynamics that shape our collective unconscious. The Images Vevey Biennial presents Unconscious Collectivity, a previously unseen itinerary composed of four monumental photographs taken over the course of Thomas Struth’s career. Milan cathedral, a CERN nuclear research laboratory in Geneva, a street in New York and an amusement park: these four images each symbolise an aspect of the 2022 Festival theme, ‘Together. La vie ensemble.’

Special tour: 4 monumental images are exhibited (Milan Cathedral, Milan 1998; West 44th Street, Theater Ditrict, New York 1978; Decay Station, ISOLDE, CERN, Meyrin 2019; Mountain, Anaheim 2013) on the façade of the BCV, the municipal library, the facade of Vevey’s former prison / La Bottelière and the facade of the Hôtel des Trois Couronnes.

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