Images Vevey x Yoann Provenzano

Images Vevey is thrilled to announce an exceptional collaboration:

Yoann Provenzano, special guest at the Biennale Images Vevey 2024

During the Biennale Images Vevey 2024, which will take place from 7 to 29 September, Images Vevey will welcome Swiss comedian Yoann Provenzano. Throughout three weeks, Yoann will guide the public to discover visual arts through his lens, providing some surprises along the way.

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Vaud comedian Yoann Provenzano became known for his quirky online videos, attracting thousands of followers. Since 2016, he has dedicated himself entirely to comedy with his show “Seul(s) dans ma tête,” presented at the Montreux Comedy Festival and the Festival Morges-sous-rire. As a member of Jokers Comedy, he participates in comedy competitions and shows like “M3 – La nouvelle Revue de Lausanne.” He has also been a chronicler and host in several shows on RTS and Couleur 3.