Éditions Images Vevey

Images Vevey is developing since 2020 its editorial activities and presents its latest publication new publication: Escapism par Roger Eberhard.

Images Vevey’s editorial strategy focuses on a series of collaborations set up with artists as well as with publishing houses that specialize in photography. Images Vevey has positioned itself as a supporter of innovative publishing projects, in particular with the creation of the Images Vevey Book Award.

The first book from Éditions Images Vevey: Lux in Tenebris de Vincent Jendly.

CO–EDITIONS 2021/2022 Images Vevey Book Award Arrangements by Carmen Winant | Éditions Images Vevey and SPBH

SHORTLISTED for The Book Awards 2022, Les Rencontres d’Arles One of Yours by Daniel Mayrit | Éditions Images Vevey and Phree

SPECIAL JURY PRIZE of the Images Vevey Book Award Rules for fighting by Paola Jiménez Quispe | Éditions Images Vevey et Witty Books

GRAND PRIX IMAGES VEVEY 2017/2018 The Hero Mother by Peter Puklus | Éditions Images Vevey et Witty Books


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