Éditions Images Vevey

Images Vevey is developing since 2020 its editorial activities and presents its latest publication new publication: Lux in Tenebris by Vincent Jendly.

Images Vevey’s editorial strategy focuses on a series of collaborations set up with publishing houses that specialise in photography, as well as with artists directly. Since 2015, Images Vevey has pledged to assist innovative editorial projects, in particular with the creation of the Images Vevey Book Award.

CO–EDITIONS 2021/2022 Images Vevey Book Award Arrangements by Carmen Winant | Éditions Images Vevey and SPBH

SHORTLISTED for The Book Awards 2022, Les Rencontres d’Arles One of Yours by Daniel Mayrit | Éditions Images Vevey and Phree

SPECIAL JURY PRIZE of the Images Vevey Book Award Rules for fighting by Paola Jiménez Quispe | Éditions Images Vevey et Witty Books

GRAND PRIX IMAGES VEVEY 2017/2018 The Hero Mother by Peter Puklus | Éditions Images Vevey et Witty Books